You Are An Overcomer

If you can get past the roar of intimidation, you will be able to see the toothless, spineless, cowardly lion you are really up against. A strong store front is all he is, there is no substance to his claims, no ability to follow through with what he says. His weapon is words that intimidate, but if your not intimidated by him you can take authority over him, because greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world.

Becoming an overcomer means you have to engage in and win battles. So how do we overcome? Revelation 12:11 says, They overcame by the blood of the lamb…you must be born again to overcome by the blood. Staying under the blood through obedience to His word, forgiving others as you’ve been forgiven, this is how you overcome by the blood of the Lamb. They overcame by the word of their testimony…your testimony of how God delivered you, healed you, provided for you, the prophecies spoken over you, speak these things out loud to yourself and others, this is how you overcome. And they loved their lives not even unto death…you overcome by being fearless in the face of the enemy, even the enemy called death. Fearlessness comes from faith in God, trust in God, hope in God. When you encounter the living resurrected Jesus (Revelation 1) you become fearless. This is how we overcome.

Church we have been given so much from the Lord. We have the blood of Jesus flowing in our veins and we can take communion as often as we want to remind us of this. We have 66 books that is a living book to remind us of God’s faithfulness to people and promises of faithfulness to us. Finally we have the promise of a resurrection for us after death (1 Cor. 15). We have nothing to fear and we have been given authority. We are loaded, all we must do is excercise our will to believe it is all true. We are overcomers.

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