Path of Less Resistance

Creation responds to God without resistance, but the created ones in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) resist the very God who created them. Oh that we would cease to resist for then we would receive all that God had planned for us.

What makes us think we know better than God how to live our life? Who taught us how to resist the very God that created us (Psalm 139); said He would never lie to us (Lev. 23:19); defeated sin, hell and the grave for us; sent His Holy Spirit for us (Acts 2); loved us; hand-made us; who told us, who taught us to resist Him?

He’s been nothing but good to us, yet we continually want our own way, our own say. Are we that out of alignment that we won’t submit to His adjustment? Are we that proud to think we know better than He does? Are we that wounded that we push even God away? Has sin penetrated us so deeply we won’t let the blood of Jesus do a flush and fill on our system? What has happened to us? Who has bewitched us? Where did we learn this and how do we correct it?

Thank God for His covenant with us that doesn’t break because of us. Thank God that He loved us first, so we could love Him. Thank you Jesus for seeing us, shedding your blood for us. Oh how we need Jesus; oh how we need help; oh how we need the Lord to revive us; rescue us; redeem us; and restore us; for He made us and He knows us. Thank you Lord that you still know how to rescue us, deliver us and heal us, so we can love you again.

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