Classified Information 

Classified Information 10.18.16
In 1 Samuel 17, King Saul and the army of Israel were engaged in a war of words with the Philistines. Both armies were shooting words at each other all day everyday, at this point for 40 days. Back and forth they would go with their insults of each other, of their taunting, mocking and even verbal attacking of each other. Neither side was ready, prepared or able to engage in a battle other than one of words. Was it fear? Was it poor leadership? Was it no strategy? Was it divine set-up? Was it something else? I think the answer is yes to all of the above. One of the challenges in Christianity is that if something is true, something else must be false, but in Jewish thought, two things can be true, but one carries more value than the other. This is why, I believe, yes, all of these factors played into the tit for tat, word for word, verbal war that these two opposing forces were engaged in. 
It does not take much to understand, we are in a similar war right now today. We have two armies fighting each other in a words battle. But this is a dual war, this is both happening in the natural and it is happening in the spirit as well. Most people can see the natural war, all you have to do is turn on the television, your computer, smart phone or pick up a newspaper and you can see with your own eyes and hear with your natural ears the battle that is being waged. The battle of words. However, there is another battle going on, but it takes those with spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear. So, this blog is for those who have chosen to disengage from the natural battle, but are fully engaged in the spiritual battle, that is why it is classified information. 
About 4 weeks ago something shifted in the spirit. I know I am not the only one who felt it, but what shifted was a move from being public with words to being private. What shifted was fighting in the natural, trying to convince people with Periscopes, blogs, Facebook lives and pulpit proclamations about the battle, to going underground. Not to hide, but to hear clearly, to get instructions, to attack in a way that actually impacts the natural. In a war of words, the last thing we need is more words. In a world of excessive noise, the last thing we need is more noise. So, the strategy the Lord has been employing His generals in the spirit to, is that of underground and in the clouds warfare. One friend of mine said, “the Lord told me you are at war, I saw you with a huge gun, but you were in a fox hole, just waiting for the enemy to come out, for with one shot you were going to take him out”. I said, yes, you are absolutely correct in what you saw, I am glad you see where I am, lest you think I am hiding out of fear or somehow not engaged in this war. I am more engaged now than I have ever been. 
From the underground, here is what I am seeing and hearing, remember, this is classified information. There is a demonic network that the Lord is asking us to dismantle. I picture it as a net, that is scooping up the people in this nation and the nations, seeking to take them where they want them to go. The challenge is the people have no idea they are even in the net. The net is so large, it scoops lots of people at a time and it happens so quickly, most don’t have any chance to escape. This net is both political and religious. Because of this two fold attack, I hear the Lord wanting to dismantle the spirit of the Nicolatians and the spirit of Jezebel. Now, some people have an idea what both of these spirits are, others think they know, and some people need to know what they are. 
The Nicoaltians are pointed out by the apostle John in Revelation 2 where it speaks to the deeds and the doctrines of the Nicolatians. The Nicolatians are the conquerors, manipulators, the dominators of the laity. Nico (where we get the word Nike, to conquer, control, dominate) and Latians (where we get the word laity). This spirit is both political and religious. Then Jezebel, is found in 1 Kings 16-21. She is a Baal worshipping, Sidonian princess, who Ahab, the King of Israel at the time, married for political reasons. She had always been and continued to be a Baal worshipper, she was not once a Christian and then changed, no she was always a pagan. She used the worship of Baal to silence the prophets of Israel so she could have her way in both Sidon and Israel. This spirit is seeking to silence the voice of truth inside the church, in culture and in the political sphere. Again, these spirits are on a co-mission and have created a demonic network that is scooping up people without their knowledge. 
Now this war, is spiritual, it is Ephesians 6:12-13, our call, our command from the Lord of heavenly armies is to stand in the spirit, stand in heavenly places and dismantle these demonic networks. Even the ones who look like they are surrendered completely to these demonic influences, are not fully aware of what is going on. They are being used for the enemies purposes, so our job is not to criticize them or condemn them, but to dismantle the networkings over their head and beneath their feet. 
As Generals, as sons and daughters, who are led by the spirit, not by the flesh, this is not the time to engage above ground in a war of words, for the bullets are flying and as tough as you think you are, you will get shot. That is why, our Father, who is the Commander of the heavenly hosts, has put us underground, it is for our protection, but it is also strategic. Remember, David was hidden until the day the Lord was going to take out the mindset of the enemy and it only took one smooth stone (who I believe, is the Chief Cornerstone) to take out the enemy and activate the whole Israeli army? So, be patient, you are not forgotten, you are not alone, you are not missing out, you are actually strategically placed, for your protection and for your promotion. There is no war our God has fought and lost, He is going to win, He always wins, and when He does, we are going to go and gather up the spoils of war, there will be an increase of territory given to us and we will see what we have been waiting for. 
Remember, this is classified information, some people will read it and not understand, while others will find great relief in these words, for they have been wondering what has been going on in this shift. All I can say, is only obey, for there is not other way, when you are at war. Love you all!