Keep Going

Everyone who has been set free by the blood of the Lamb escapes the snare of the trapper. The blood shed on the cross delivered us from death to life, from bondage to freedom, from darkness into light. However, just like Israel, between Egypt and the promised land is a wilderness we must walk through. The wilderness is not punishment it is cleansing us from Egyptian mindsets, it’s removing off us bondage baggage, and it’s restoring our souls.

If one continues the journey through the wilderness the day will come when you are truly free. If you choose to halt, hinder or retreat from the process of the wilderness you will either go back to the bondage of sin or you will camp in the wilderness and become religious. But for those who persevere, who press on, who fall but get back up again, there is a promised land on earth where you remain an overcomer. Joshua and Caleb made it here; Deborah and Esther made it here; and so can you and I.

You’ve escaped the snare of Egypt, keep going the best is in front of you not behind you. I know because I can see it, I can smell it, I can taste it, I can hear it. This is one of the many things Passover is about.

Psalm 124:7 “Our soul has escaped as a bird out of the snare of the trapper;

The snare is broken and we have escaped.”

Who Are You?

The enemy doesn’t have a problem with believers knowing who Jesus is, what he deceives us about is who we are. If we had a revelation about who we are in Christ the enemy would high tail it and run from us.

Passover Stand

The wicked are rising again in our land but it’s their last attempt to destroy our nation and it will fail. The wicked’s rising is why men are hiding. They are not hiding out of fear they are actually abiding in Christ so they are hidden. Remember it is Passover week and we are being hidden for just a short time more. God Himself is about to deal with the enemy of our land and when He does we are passing over to take over. Righteousness is about to exalt the nations in a way we’ve never seen before. So, stand and keep on standing dressed in the armor of God for wickedness is presenting its last act before the curtain closes on it with a shout of victory in the tents of the righteous. You were born for this…stand, abide!

Proverbs 28:12 “When the righteous triumph, there is great glory,

But when the wicked rise, men hide themselves.”

Proverbs 28:28 “When the wicked rise, men hide themselves;

But when they perish, the righteous increase.”

Ephesians 6:13 “Take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.”

He’s A Keeper

The Lord is a keeper not a sleeper.

He keeps you in perfect peace.

He keeps you in prosperity.

He keeps you in health.

He keeps your foot from slipping.

He keeps you from the enemy.

He keeps you strong.

He keeps you alive.

The Lord is a keeper not a sleeper.

When I got married my mom whispered to me, “He’s a keeper!” As we apply this to the Lord, I want to announce to you, The Lord, He’s a keeper.”

Psalm 121:5-8 “The LORD is your keeper; The LORD is your shade on your right hand. The sun will not smite you by day, Nor the moon by night.

The LORD will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul. The LORD will guard your going out and your coming in From this time forth and forever.

Heaven Made An Announcement

Last night I heard an emphatic announcement made in heaven. Heaven announced “THE THIEF HAS BEEN CAUGHT!” It was clear, undeniable, and emphatic. There was no room for uncertainty about what was said. All night long it reverberated in my spirit over and over again, “The thief has been caught.” I’m sharing it with you as a puzzle piece, because I was not told what thief, so I’m watching for the manifestation of this announcement. It was so emphatic I don’t think we are going to miss which thief, but let’s watch for “The thief has been caught.”

A Rock Is About to Strike

Years ago I was in worship and I saw a sword come and strike the earth, when it did it separated the wicked and the righteous, on either side of the sword. However, both the righteous and the wicked were on their faces. The wicked in repentance for their sins and the righteous in the awe of God. The fear of the Lord hit everyone when this sword struck the earth.

This morning in prayer, the Lord reminded me of this vision he showed me many years ago, but He updated it to what He is about to do on earth. The Lord is going to strike the earth with a stone and it will strike the iron and clay feet as mentioned in Daniel 2:34-35.

While Moses was told to strike the rock in Exodus 17, God is saying, He is going to take the rock and strike the feet of the iron and clay kingdom and it is going to fall once and for all. This is not some way in the future event, it is nearer than we even realize. God Himself is about to strike the feet and the whole thing is going to fall.

Just like the sword that struck the earth, this rock, when it strikes the earth is going to bring the fear of the Lord across the whole planet. Everyone is going to feel the shaking when this rock hits the feet, some will fall on their face in repentance others will fall on their face in awe of God, but all will fall on their face as the fear of the Lord is going to be experienced by all. This is pictorial language not literal, we are not about to be hit by a meteor or asteroid. But we are about to see the fall of the iron and clay kingdom once and for all and God alone is going to get all the glory.

Daniel 2:34-35 “You continued looking until a stone was cut out without hands, and it struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and crushed them. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver ad the gold were crushed all at the same time and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away so that not a trace of them was found. But the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.”

Do You See What I See

Psalm 117:2 “The truth of the Lord is everlasting!”

That means the word of God; the presence of God; the power of God; and the voice of God is enduring through all time. When you really think about that, it makes trusting God desirable, because what He says in His word is enduring, you can bank on it.

I see the demonstration of the enduring power of God becoming a reality in ways we’ve only read about. I see the word of God bringing radical transformation to situations people have tried to process through but to no avail. I see a brand new creation arising out of you and out of me. I see Jesus lifted high!

It’s Hard to Surrender

Those who work earn wages and when those wages for work are given those wages are under the will of the worker. We now have a decision to join Jesus and say not my will but yours be done or continue to exercise our will and do what we want with our wages. Many people can’t surrender their will that is why they love “working” and “earning” wages so they can do what they want with their money. People even view the stimulus money they received as their money because they pay taxes. More exercising of “my will” being done as they buy something yet again.

The greatest challenge believers have is surrendering their will, especially if they “earned” what it is God is asking them to surrender. Our will is exercised so much it is the hardest thing to surrender because it is strong. I would purpose that “our will” is what gets in the way of us experiencing the grace of God that is unlimited power to succeed in every area of our life. Our will’s strength is why we struggle to hear God let alone obey what we hear. Doing our thing, our way, is our will at work and is the reason we struggle with the words of Jesus that say, “Not my will, but Yours O God be done.”

Practice surrendering your will if you want to do God’s will and watch grace empower you to do more, love more, give more, Be more than your will ever could. Loose yourself from the power of your will, your way and you will find real life.

Matthew 10:39 “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.”

Daily Vitamin

We have seen the ministry of men/women and watched men/women get glory. This is a fading glory, it does not last. Yet men/women still pursue the fading glory. The desire to be seen, heard, acknowledged, honored, is prevalent in many cultures around the world. The praise of people is palatable in many places, from sports and politics to pulpits and boardrooms. All seeking to be the one who stands in the fading glory even for a moment.

The Bible is good medicine for us to take daily like our vitamins because it keeps us healthy, grounded, alive and free. While others are pursuing a fading glory of clicks, likes, shares, numbers, platforms, microphones and titles, the Bible tells us to pursue the Living God. It directs us to glorify Him, to bless His name, to announce His praise. Trust me blessing the Lord releases more healing to us than the praise of any person could give us.

Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, But to Your name give glory”


David said, I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord (Psalm 122:1).

This past year has taught us that what we thought was freedom can be taken away in a moment. We thought in this country we were free to worship, until they shut down churches. We thought we were free to speak but then they said you must wear a mask. After experiencing draconian restrictions on our God given freedoms, on this day, I hope you, like me can join David with a new resolve, anticipation and excitement as we announce to every restriction, I’m going into the house of the Lord and I am glad!

Maskless I am going to worship loud, with hands raised high. With others I’m going to sing the songs of the Lord. With a wide open heart, ready to give I am going to bring a gift to the Lord. And with ears circumcised, I am going to hear the word of God. If I learned one thing in lockdown, I learned freedom is better than control; Liberty is better than lockdown; and as for me and my house we will worship the Lord.

No going back to Egypt, lockdown or masks for me, I’m free! Internally and externally I’m joining millions of others around the world declaring I am free to worship my God without restriction or reservation. This lockdown will boomerang on them as a generation is about to shout unto God with a voice of triumph! Here comes the roar of the lion of the tribe of Judah.