Watch God Win

Have you ever wondered why people love to be in the midst of a fight? Is it the adrenaline rush of fear that makes people feel powerful? Is it the sense of being part of something bigger than themselves? Whatever it is, people love to fight for something, to feel like they did something to bring about that change, that victory, that breakthrough.

It amazes me how much peace has been forfeited for the love of the fight. Wounds, scars, memories, trauma, triggers, all come from being in the battle, but instead of backing away from the fight, we engage in it even more. What is it in us that wants to, needs to fight, rather than dwell with the Lord? Psalm 91:8-9 says, “You will only look on with your eyes And see the recompense of the wicked. For you have made the LORD, my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place.” If we are honest, we only fight because we love something about the fight, but if the Lord does not deal with the enemy our “fighting” is in vain.

Think about our hero’s in the faith, God did the fighting and they saw and engaged in the victory. Our mandate is to take dominion over that which God has already subdued. We are to keep the enemy under our feet not engage in battle with him. Then soon the God of peace will crush Satan under His feet, of whom we are are the body (Romans 16:20). Taking possession, holding the line, and keeping under our feet are all postures of victory, not fighting for something.

The enemy loves to get us in a fight, for it wears us out, freaks us out, and runs us out, but last time I checked, I am called to dwell, rest, remain, trust, hope, watch and stand in awe of Yahweh, who is King of kings and Lord of lords. I’m not wasting anything on the enemy not even a fight, I am pouring everything of me out on Him, who is worthy of it all. For praise is still my call and worship is where I see God defeat the enemy. He is victorious always.

Put On Humanity Never Took Off Divinity

One of the television shows I enjoy watching is Undercover Boss. My favorite thing is finding the gold in people, so when these bosses of major corporations go undercover in order to learn more about their company and changes they need to make for more profit, what they find is people. For an owner of a company, profit/loss margins are always on their mind, but when these bosses go undercover they discover real people with real needs. Then at the end of the show, they reveal themselves to the employees they engaged with during the show and end up giving those employees promotions, education, money, something the boss learned they needed. I love the reaction of the employees when they learn it was their boss they were working with unbeknownst to them and how shocked they are that their boss blessed them in the way they did. It’s a great show if you have never seen it.

This morning in prayer, the Lord showed me that He is an undercover boss. Jesus Christ, king of all creation, Lord of the earth, who was, who is and who forever will be God, became an undercover boss. Jesus Christ, God, put on flesh, but He never took off His divinity. He went undercover and came to earth to see what He could do to make life on earth better for us. He walked this earth as a man, He talked to people, He sat in synagogues, He went to weddings and funerals all as an undercover boss. But He didn’t stop there, He even died on a cross as an undercover boss. This is still a mystery to the Jews and is packed with truth we do not fully comprehed. He never ceased being God, in all of it. Then He rose from the dead and was taken up in a cloud, still as God.

Our undercover boss, Jesus Christ, didn’t come to earth to find out everything we are doing wrong, He came to interact with us as people. Hebrews 4:15 says, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.” He came, He saw and when He left He gave us gifts to bless us (Ephesians 4:8-12). To many Jesus is still not recognizable as God who came in the flesh, to others He is still not treated as boss, but He is still speaking, still moving, still revealing that He is God, for He is still an undercover boss, but now He is manifesting Himself as such.

Invest In Freedom

Have you ever thought about how you can have an appetite for books, movies, television, news, Facebook, Instagram and the likes but no desire for the word of God? Have you ever wondered why you can make time to scroll to hear what others are doing but have no clue what the scroll of God is saying to you? Keeping us busy so we don’t stop and ask questions is a tactic of the enemy. When you are moving so fast you don’t ask questions that will expose his tactics in your life and therefore, you don’t realize it is the enemy that does not want you in the word, it is not you. Your spirit wants to hear the word of God, read the word of God, pray the word of God, for Jesus is the bread of life (John 6).

The voice of the enemy will come and say you don’t have time, but we all have the same amount of hours in a day, yet some people produce while others only consume. Some people create while others criticize. As born again believers, Christ in us is the hope of glory and He is wanting to commune with you in prayer, worship and especially His word. What is His reasoning behind this? Does Jesus want you to have another thing on your to do list? Absolutely not, the goal of Jesus for your life is freedom and He knows, just like the enemy knows, if you know the TRUTH, the TRUTH will set you free (John 8:32) and the enemy hates freedom. Therefore, the thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) employs whatever tactic he can to keep you from the word of God, which is TRUTH, so you do not become free.

Freedom is an investment, freedom is an inside job, freedom is your choice. If you want to be free, invest in the TRUTH that will set you free, for the return on this investment is beyond anything you could ask or desire. It is for freedom that Christ wants to set you free and keep you free!

Where Were You Born?

One of the ways we identify each other is by where we were born. In America it is directional. People will be identified as being born in the North, the South, the East or the West based on accent, attitude or even slang. In other countries people are identified by region, for example in my husband’s country they are identified as being Euroba, Ibu or River/Delta. In Malaysia people were identified by country of origin, Malay, Chinese, Indian, Phillipino, Bangladeshi or Westerner. We all carry identifying markers and distinctions.

We as believers are supposed to be identifiable to the world as not born of this world, but born of God. Psalm 87 says, “I shall mention Rahab and Babylon among those who know Me; Behold, Philistia and Tyre with Ethiopia: This one was born there. But of Zion it shall be said, This one and that one were born in her; And the Most High Himself will establish her. The LORD will count when He registers the peoples, This one was born there.” If you have been born again, it is supposed to be said of you, this one was born there, born from above. John 3 says it this way, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not be amazed that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.”

The question is do people recognize you as being born again? Can they tell by what you say, how you act, the attitude you have that you are born again? We as believers are to be of a different spirit just like Joshua and Caleb were. We are to see world events differently than unbelievers do; we are to do life differently; raise our children differently; treat our spouse, boss, co-workers and all authority differently. People should be able to see us and say, this one is born from there, not here!

Context Is Freedom

If you could ask the Lord to give the church (believers) one thing, what would you ask for? I would ask for humility, because we think we know too much about God and His word. For the most part we are not open to hearing truth that will set us free, because we already learned what that scripture means, so there is no need to hear anything new about it. Humility is the gift the church needs for if we have humility it means we are teachable.

The more I read my bible, pray and worship, the more I realize how much I don’t know, how many doctrines of men I have been taught that are not biblical and how much people take scriptures out of context for their own personal use. One of the first things the Lord does when you humble yourself is He removes the doctrines of men and replaces it with the truth that sets you free.

Here is an example of a truth the Lord has taught me recently. I Corinthians 13:4-7 “Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”…is not about marriage, but about ministry.

All of 1 Corinthians 12, 13, and 14 are about the gifts of the spirit working in the body of Christ in the church, there is no mention of marriage anywhere, yet this is our primary marriage verse. If we put these verses back in the context of ministry, not marriage, they make total sense, for what we lack in the ministry is love for one another while we are learning to operate together in the church in the gift God has given us. Humility makes us teachable so we can hear the truth about these verses and then we can be free!

Living in the Best Days

As in the days of Noah…when these words are spoken many believers think Matthew 24, the second coming of Christ, the apocalypse, the end times, batten down the hatches, cover your head and hope you catch the rapture rocket to heaven. The words in the days of Noah invoke such fear in believers, but God is about to redeem those words for us today.

I was praying Psalm 85 this morning and when I prayed these words, “Lovingkindness and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth springs from the earth, And righteousness looks down from heaven. Indeed, the LORD will give what is good, And our land will yield its produce” (v. 10-12), the Lord said, IN THE DAYS OF NOAH! I knew it was a reference to Matthew 24, ,but it was life giving not fear producing. As I pressed in the Lord brought me back to Genesis 7.

Genesis 7:11 says, “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.” In Psalm 85 truth springs up and righteousness comes down, in Genesis 7 the deeps burst open and the floodgates open. My friends we are living in the days of Noah. Truth is springing up and the Righteous One has come down in human form. We are living in the days of Noah.

Isaiah 43:18-19 says it this way, ““Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it?” Truth is springing up can you hear it? Righteousness has and is coming down, can you not perceive it? We are living in the days of Noah and as Habakkuk said, “For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea” (2:14). We were born for these days and it is great to be alive!

The Crossover Is Completed

If you don’t know, if you haven’t heard we have crossed the Jordan into the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey. This is not a natural location like it was for Israel, it is a location in the spirit in which believe it or not the church has crossed over into. If you listen to the language of believers, you hear words like community, family, manifestation and promises being fulfilled. This is evidence of the promised land life. But you will also hear of giants, enemy nations and battles, all part of the promised land. To some it may sound no different than life in the wilderness, but there are two distinct differences, one we are being led by Joshua’s not Moses’ and two we are in a land that is flowing with milk and honey not manna and water.

The leadership of Joshua is different than that of Moses, not wrong, just different. We will begin to see more and more Joshua leaders rise up with a revelation of Jesus Christ and a team approach to leadership not a one man show leadership. This shift will be signifcantly noticeable. The other change that will become more and more obvious is that we are about to eat a lot of honey. Proverbs 24 says it this way, “Revelation-knowledge is a delicacy, sweet like flowing honey that melts in your mouth. Eat as much of it as you can, my friend! For then you will perceive what is true wisdom, you future will be bright and this hope living within will never disappoint you.”

The book of Joshua is a manual for promised land life right now. If you can hear it there is prophetic understanding unfolding in this book that will show us what we are going to walk through now that we are in the promised land. Read it slowly and carefully, there is much to learn from this book. To get you started, we are currently at Gilgal, being circumcised/set apart/consecrated for this new land we have entered. (Joshua 5) The next thing I am watching for is Passover 5782/2022 which happens on April 15th. Joshua 5 says, “The very next day (after Passover), they ate for the first time food grown in Canaan-roasted grain and flatbread made without yeast. On that day, when they ate the produce of the land, the manna stopped falling from heaven. The Israelites never at manna again, but that year enjoyed the fruit of the land of Canaan.” I see a financial change of the likes we have never seen coming around Passover. Enjoy the promised land, we made it in!

One God of Earth

Satan was cast out of heaven and cast down to the earth, correct? But he is not god of the earth. He is the god of this world, but not God of the earth. Satan has convinced us to believe he is in charge down here on planet earth but that is just not true. Satan is the god of this world, which is only one system in operation on the earth. The kingdom of God is a system in operation on the earth as well and Psalm 24 tells us the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Satan is god of one system only, that is the extent of his limited authority. Now he has the power of deception and he wields it well that is why people propagate the system of the world on the earth that is the Lord’s.

What am I telling you all that for? Because we have been deceived to believe that Satan is god of the planet, of the earth of the land and it is just not true. God is the Lord, Master and Creator of the heavens and the earth, and He has not given His authority away to a created being called Satan. Satan is a fearful foe that uses fear to control people, but even the enemies of God will know that they are serving a god that is not all powerful. God is so gracious even to His human enemies, because He knows they have been deceived by the god of this world.

The Lord disciplines His human enemies so they know that He is God . Psalm 83 says it this way, “So pursue them with Your tempest And terrify them with Your storm. Fill their faces with dishonor, That they may seek Your name, O LORD. Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever, And let them be humiliated and perish, That they may know that You alone, whose name is the LORD, Are the Most High over all the earth.” The same language is used in Exodus 14 where it says, that the Egyptians may know that Yahweh is God over all. God is for humanity, even His human enemies, but Satan and his demonic spirits, there is no hope for them no redemption, but for us, even when we are or were His enemies, the Lord is going to show you that He is God alone of heaven and earth!

Sonic Boom Coming

September 2021/Tabernacles 5782, the Lord spoke to me and said this is the year of the Voice of the Lord. I was out in the driveway that night, praying and asking the Lord what He was saying at the Head of this New Year, He made it crystal clear it was a Psalm 29 year, where the voice of the Lord would shake things.

Now today while praying Psalm 82, the Lord says to me, “I Am the possessor of the nations and I Am shaking the foundations.” This reminds me of Hebrews 12:26-28 where it says, everything that can be shaken will be shaken so that what cannot be shaken will remain. One cursory glance at store shelves and you can see God is shaking supply; one cursory glance at the education or political systems and you can see God is shaking systems; one cursory glance at currency and you can see God is shaking economies; one cursory glance at the body of Christ and you can see God is shaking the religious system. The Possessor of the Nations is shaking the foundations.

The shaking is obvious, but that is the only the effects, the source is the voice of God. His voice, the Bible says is likened to thunder, and this morning the Lord had me studying Sonic Barriers which led to Sonic Booms. What I learned tied directly to the voice of God. “Sonic booms generate enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding similar to an explosion or a thunderclap to the human ear. Sonic booms due to large supersonic aircraft can be particularly loud and startling, tend to awaken people, and may cause minor damage to some structures.” (Wikipedia) The Possessor of the Nations is shaking the foundations.

I believe we are about to hear some sonic booms that are going to awaken people to the voice of God. It may even shake people to their core, for the voice of God is powerful. It is fast approaching, the sound that is going to launch us into a supersonic move of God. “Listen closely to the thunder of His voice, And the rumbling that goes out from His mouth. Under the whole heaven He lets it loose, and His lightning to the ends of the earth. After it, a voice roars; He thunders with His majestic voice, and He does not restrain the lightnings when His voice is heard. God thunders with His voice wondrously, doing great things which we cannot comprehend.” (Job 37:2-5)

Wilderness to WHOW (Wow)

God is no respecter of persons; God is just; God does not show favoritism. Scripture is vey clear about this, however, we are not all treated the same, because we do not all obey the same. Disobedience to the voice of God is more costly than most realize, primarily due to the fact that God has not blessed the obedient the way He has said He is going to. Obedience in the kingdom of God is character building, for if you only obey to be blessed your not obeying biblically. Biblical obedience is rooted in love for the one you obey not to get something. In John 15, Jesus says over and over again, “If you love Me, you will do what I say!” We obey God because we love God. Obedience to God actually reveals our level of love for God. Remember to obey is better than to sacrifice.

There has been a love being developed between God and His people who have been obeying Him not to get a “blessing” but because they love Him. Crumbs have fallen from the Master’s table for those who have faithfully obeyed, but the storehouse of bread has not been opened to them for they obey for love not blessing. This long season of obedience in the wilderness has developed in their hearts a love for God and a love for people. Love is the root reason why they did it and continue to do it, for they were willing to do for love what they would not have done for money. As this season is ending, we are in a final preparation season from Tabernacles 5782 to Passover 5782. Many things are moving and quickly right now, but because love is the root, there is no rushing here or there. Opportunities are arising, but love is saying, that is a decoy. Knowing your yes, helps you say no.

To those who have been faithfully obedient in the wilderness for years, get ready to manifest. God is tying up the loose ends between now and Passsover, so you are ready to launch into what He spoke in the secret place of the wilderness. Say no to the decoys, for it is manifestation season and you were not just born for this, you were prepared for this. He is about to WHOW (WOW) you with Wheat, Honey, Oil and Wine. You know who you are!