Wilderness to WHOW (Wow)

God is no respecter of persons; God is just; God does not show favoritism. Scripture is vey clear about this, however, we are not all treated the same, because we do not all obey the same. Disobedience to the voice of God is more costly than most realize, primarily due to the fact that God has not blessed the obedient the way He has said He is going to. Obedience in the kingdom of God is character building, for if you only obey to be blessed your not obeying biblically. Biblical obedience is rooted in love for the one you obey not to get something. In John 15, Jesus says over and over again, “If you love Me, you will do what I say!” We obey God because we love God. Obedience to God actually reveals our level of love for God. Remember to obey is better than to sacrifice.

There has been a love being developed between God and His people who have been obeying Him not to get a “blessing” but because they love Him. Crumbs have fallen from the Master’s table for those who have faithfully obeyed, but the storehouse of bread has not been opened to them for they obey for love not blessing. This long season of obedience in the wilderness has developed in their hearts a love for God and a love for people. Love is the root reason why they did it and continue to do it, for they were willing to do for love what they would not have done for money. As this season is ending, we are in a final preparation season from Tabernacles 5782 to Passover 5782. Many things are moving and quickly right now, but because love is the root, there is no rushing here or there. Opportunities are arising, but love is saying, that is a decoy. Knowing your yes, helps you say no.

To those who have been faithfully obedient in the wilderness for years, get ready to manifest. God is tying up the loose ends between now and Passsover, so you are ready to launch into what He spoke in the secret place of the wilderness. Say no to the decoys, for it is manifestation season and you were not just born for this, you were prepared for this. He is about to WHOW (WOW) you with Wheat, Honey, Oil and Wine. You know who you are!

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