Y2K or 2K2? 4.25.17

What year is it? If you read what some people write you would think we are in Y2K. Fears of EMP’s going out; earthquakes wiping out whole cities; nuclear bombs blowing up this or that; and this is not what the news is saying, this is what “prophets” are saying. It sounds so much like Y2K, that if you do not have a discerning ear to hear the voice of God, you are going to hear the voice of the media coming out of the “prophets” of the land. I am not saying we should ignore reality, but let’s not say, God said, when He did not say, just so we can sound prophetic when something happens. If you are a true prophet of God, you are to intercede when you hear of destruction looming, so it does not come near us, not sow fear in us, so people hide rather than thrive. 

Again, back to the original question, what year is this? It is 5777 in the Hebrew Calendar and 2017 in the Gregorian Calendar, no matter how you slice it, it is the year of victory! We are still living in a year of victory and we need to remind ourselves of this or we will lose courage and this year will come and go without manifesting victory. Victory has been declared in heaven over this year and we are about to see it manifest here on the earth, but we must believe the report of the Lord, not the report of the media. 
I had a dream last night and if I lived with fear, I might have interpreted it as a Y2K event coming and it would have gotten a lot of shares and likes, but as I prayed into the dream, what the Lord showed me blew my mind. How do I know it was God? Because He showed me my dream in His word. So, here’s my dream. I was driving in a car with someone and we were going through a small city and on the horizon, I saw dark clouds, two tornados and a flaming horse running along the horizon. Above the obvious storm, I saw clear skies, blue and with big white clouds. I told my driver, hey we better get home, for there is a storm coming. We circled the city one more time, out of sheer enjoyment, and then headed back to the house to prepare for the storm. End of dream. I was not afraid at all, but three significant images stood out to me as I thought about the dream. 
1. Dark clouds

2. Two tornadoes

3. Flaming horse
I have learned from John Paul Jackson’s Dreams and Mysteries series how to understand the significance of these symbols, so I began the process of seeking to discover what God was saying. I learned from my search that twin tornadoes are called a multi vortex, and of course the dark clouds were obvious to me that a storm was on the horizon. My first thought was the political climate of our world right now. This interpretation of my dream, would have been accurate, if God did not give me His interpretation. So, I went out in my garden to pray and I asked the Lord to reveal to me what the dream meant as I was unclear of the significance and felt like my interpretations were not carrying the truth He was seeking to release. In addition, the flaming horse was significant and did not have a place in my interpretation as of yet. 
I came in the house after prayer and looked up flaming horse in the bible, seeking to get clarity as I sensed the Lord was saying, you’re missing a piece and what I discovered in the Word blew my mind. The dream is about 2 Kings 2, not some apocalyptic event like a potential Y2K. I was reading 2 Kings 2 about Elijah and his process before going to heaven. There was the dark clouds (Elisha’s grief); the two tornadoes (whirlwind) and the flaming horse (horses of God); all right there in 2 Kings 2. I was overwhelmed and asked the Lord what He was saying. You will need to read the chapter, but this is the jist of what I believe God is saying to the bride in this hour. 
You were invited to stay at Bethel (the house of bread that releases health), but you followed me on to Jericho. You were invited to stay in Jericho (place of war that releases plunder), but you followed me on to the Jordan. While at the Jordan, you and I crossed over together and then I told you, Ask what you want from me (what do you want?); you answered a double portion of my spirit (many interpretations for this); then when Elijah went to heaven, Elisha ripped his garment, and Elijah’s garment fell to earth; then Elisha folded Elijah’s garment and said, where is the God of Elijah and parted the sea to cross back over in the spirit and power of Elijah. 
You have stayed with Jesus all the way to the Jordan, you had chances to stop in places that would have feed you well, supplied you abundantly, but you resolved that where You go I go and what You say I say, so you didn’t stop, you kept following Him and now we are at the Jordan, not the Joshua 3 crossing, this is the 2 Kings 2 crossing and when the fire falls on us like in Acts 2, we who stayed in the upper room will be endued with power from on high, all because we stayed all the way. This is not Y2K we are seeing, this is all a set up for 2K2. I’m ready, are you?

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