The Command Has Not Changed

Today as I was praying Psalm 147, when I got to verse 15 it says, “He sends forth His command to the earth; His word runs swiftly.” The Lord said to me, “What have I commanded for the earth?” The question came with authority and I answered confidently, You said, righteousness will exalt the nations! (Proverbs 14:34). The Lord then said, “And My Word is running swiftly. You will see righteousness swiftly exalt the nations.”

What is righteousness? According to the Hebrew word Zedek

1. Righteousness is Jesus Christ

2. You and I are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus

3. Honesty/Integrity

4. Justice

5. Vindication

6. Prosperity

7. Doing Right

A swift righteousness is headed toward earth, all will see it. For righteousness is going to exalt the nations for God has commanded it. The command of God has not changed, RIGHTEOUSNESS WILL EXALT THE NATIONS!

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