Lisa Great

Lisa is a published author in both book and magazine format, she does an online article weekly for, she blogs on on a regular basis, has a podcast called Activate at and is a current member of Toastmasters International. With a BA in Youth and Family Ministry; a MA in Education:Guidance and Counseling and other training experiences through some lesser known schools, she is committed to being a lifelong learner.

Lisa is the proud wife of Amos Great, who has planted 5 churches in Malaysia and 1 in Nigeria; she is the mother of one son, who is the joy of her life; and is honored to have friends near and far all around her.

Lisa has lived in Minneapolis, MN; Seattle, WA; Kansas City, MO; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and currently resides in the Kansas City area. She has traveled as a tourist to Bali, Indonesia; Singapore; Phuket, Thailand;  Bangkok, Thailand;  Vancouver, Canada; and various cities in Mexico.

Lisa loves to read, some of her favorite authors are John and Stasi Elderidge, John and Lisa Bevere, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallaton, Danny Silk, Eric Johnson, and her most recent read was a book called The Birth of the Chaordic Age by Dee Hock, the founder of the VISA card. She enjoys anything to do with water, skiing, boating, waterparks, pools, lakes, rivers, you name it, she enjoys the water. She loves the outdoors, but prefers the city at night (when its dark and you don’t know what is lurking in the woods, the city is her preference). She enjoys coffee talks with friends, park time with her son and political talks with her husband.