Evangelism in the Park

While at a park yesterday I sat on a bench and three different ladies sat down next to me. The third a Muslim woman from Somalia we talked about all of the similarities between Christianity and Islam to the point there were so many I asked the Lord for a word of knowledge because I could tell I was not getting through to her about the difference. Then I started talking to her about being able to hear the voice of God and asked her if Allah had ever spoken to her, she looked at me with a funny look as though what did I mean God spoke to her? I said you pray correct, she said yes. I said does does Allah talk back to you and she says no the God knows everything I just follow. I told her many Christians need to learn how to obey their God the way you obey yours, but then…. I said well I hear from Jesus every day he talks to me all the time and I pointed up into the bright blue sky and said he’s invisible to our eyes but I hear him in my heart and in my head. She was dumbfounded by the thought that there was a God in heaven that actually spoke. 
The difference between Christianity and Islam is that Yahweh is relational and Allah is only to be obeyed not questioned nor asked for any response from. I lived in Malaysia for nine years and it was against the law to share my faith with any Muslim, now that they are living in America I have the leverage to tell them that Jesus is God and that He speaks to his people because he loves them so much. 

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