Capitulate! 5.6.17
Yesterday morning as I was waking up, I heard in my spirit the word, capitulate. My first thought was did I hear clearly, then again I heard the word capitulate. So, now in my mind I am thinking, capitulate? I went on with my prayer time and bible study, not really paying attention to the word. One reason was, I had no idea what it meant and two, it was just one word, that had no context or meaning to me, so I tried to shake it off. But as I am reading my bible, I hear it again, capitulate. So, between Psalm 135 and 136, I stop reading and look up the word capitulate.
Capitulate ( to surrender; to end all resistance; to give up; to go along with or comply; to wave the white flag in surrender
Now I have a definition and I ask the Lord, are you telling me to capitulate on something, I thought I was up to date on obedience, He said, no not you, the nations. Then I saw like a sign in heaven and on it said, CAPITULATE! I knew heaven was commanding, decreeing the earth to capitulate. I sent the word to a couple of friends and they responded with wow, amazing, yes! One friend even screen shot the word and its definition on her phone, for she did not know what it meant either and said yes, this is what heaven is saying.
Capitulate! So, I began to decree to the earth, capitulate, I began with America, then went to other nations of the world in my prayers and said, capitulate. There may be more to this word, that others can say in order to add pieces to this puzzle God is speaking to the nations, but this piece felt significant enough for me to share with you all, so you can decree as I am, in agreement with heaven, earth is it time to capitulate.
Finally, I woke up this morning, still thinking about this word, and I hear the words, “until you know that heaven rules!” I knew immediately this was what Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar, so I find the verse in its context and it is part of the interpretation of the kings dream about the tree that was cut down in Daniel 4. Then here is the verse I heard, Daniel 4:26 “The part about the tree stump and roots being left means that your kingdom will still be there for you after you learn that it is heaven that rules!”
I believe this word, capitulate and this verse in Daniel 4:26 is on a macro level for world leaders that are resisting what God is doing in the earth realm, if they refuse to capitulate I think they will be cut down, until they learn that heaven rules. On a micro level, I believe it is about the resistance movement in America. The Lord is saying, capitulate, stop resisting what I am doing, stop resisting authority, wave the white flag, but if you don’t, I will have to chop you down until you learn that heaven rules. I don’t believe any is going to die, I believe some voices are going to be silenced until they learn that heaven rules.
God has decided that heaven is going to rule on earth while we are alive, it is a decision He made and He is not going to change His mind. We will see a move of God like never before in our generation, heaven has declared it. But, there is a call to the earth to capitulate, so this move of God will be a blessing to all not a burden to some. God does not want us resisting Him any longer, He has a surprise party planned that will release righteousness, peace and joy, but you must capitulate or be cut down, until you acknowledge that heaven rules. And with what is coming, it will not be hard to know that heaven rules!

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