Breaking Cycles

It is the beginning of a New Year, people are prophesying what the year is all about, sharing what they are seeing, speaking what they believe God is saying. Many voices, but one message. This is a year of Breakthrough. But as Bill Johnson said, this year of Breakthrough will come as we pray. Prayer is going to be the key to this year of Breakthrough. Jeremiah Johnson said the same thing, he said at Morning Star Ministries, this is the year of the Watchmen and we must watch and pray. Dutch Sheets at Glory of Zion said, this is the year of prayer decrees. Finally, Lana Vawser said, it is a year of increased strategy, which can only come from being with the Lord in prayer and hearing His voice. These are just a few of the many people who are releasing words about this year, all of which are connected to breakthrough and prayer.

Are you ready to break free? Do you need a breakthrough? Well, if you do, you are like so many others that do, the cry for breakthrough is coming from all directions, as people are finding themselves unable to breakout, but Yahweh Perazim, the God of the breakthrough, is about to come through for you. What cycle does the Lord want to break in your life in order for you to breakthrough? Many people have many prayer requests they can share, many troubles they can tout, but God is a root revealer, for He knows if He can reveal the root and deal with that, the fruit will follow. So, lets take a look at a root, I believe is a cycle, that the Lord is going to breakthrough for you.

In Psalm 4:1 it says, “Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have relieved me in my distress; be gracious to me and hear my prayer.” David was seeking relief from distress. This was not the first time he needed relief from distress, nor would it be the last time. David was in the distress, relief cycle for quite some time. Whether he needed relief from the distress of his brother’s attitudes toward him or from Saul who was pursuing him with a spear and we should not forget the distress he went through as he fought the lion and the bear in the wilderness. David knew, the distress, relief cycle for he experienced it for much if not for all of his life up to this point. But Yahweh Perazim, the owner of the breakthrough was about to break this cycle off of David and he was about to experience victory after victory as he reigned as king of a united Israel.

But, that’s David, what about you, can you see how you are in a distress, relief cycle? Can you see how you get distressed because of your job, your money, your relationships, your health or whatever is distressing you? Can you see how you tolerate the distress as long as possible, then you cry out to God for relief? This is the distress, relief cycle and I believe it is a root issue in many people’s lives. I know I have lived it and I am here to decree to you today, that God is breaking us out of the distress, relief cycle. He is going to break us out of this cycle, because He is Yahweh Perazim, the owner, the master of the breakthrough. He is going to break us out of this cycle, so we can advance the kingdom of God on earth in victory after victory. We will still face enemies, we will still have battles, but when this cycle is broken, we are going to move from glory to glory or victory to victory.

Remember, we are called more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. We are seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. That means, that Christ broke the distress, relief cycle when He conquered sin, hell and the grave, so it is time, for us as the Church to breakout of the distress, relief cycle and embrace the risen King, Jesus Christ. Victory after victory will come from laying hold of the resurrected Messiah, the Ascended One, the Lord of Heaven and Earth. For too long, we have lingered at the cross as sinners saved by grace, it is time we arise and shine as ones who have a resurrected King. Yahweh Perazim is going to break you out of the distress, relief cycle, so you can walk by faith in the resurrected Son of God. You are breaking through, I decree it today!

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