Dissolved Then Absorbed

On Thursday morning, while doing my prayer time and bible reading, I was praying through Psalm 108 and as I reflected on the majesty and glory of God I was invited into a encounter like I had never experienced before. I saw myself dissolving into dust particles on a molecular level, so no flesh was left, no bones were there, I literally was dissolving is the only way I can describe it. Then as I was dissolving, I saw that I was being absorbed into a Being, that I knew was Yahweh, the God of heaven and earth. The dissolving of me was being absorbed into Him. As I watched this take place, John 17 came to my mind, in which Jesus prays, Father, the glory which You gave me I have given them that they may be one just as we are one.

Once I was physically gone, what was left on the ground, which I knew was what was inside of me, was a vertical black safe, it was probably 5 ft tall and 3 ft wide. There was both a combination lock and a wheel on the door of this safe. As I looked at the safe/vault looking structure, I asked the Lord, what is that? I got no response, I lingered with Him in this encounter, but stillness, silence, nothing more to see, nothing more to hear. When the encounter finished I wrote it down in my journal and continued to ponder it throughout the day.

On Thursday night, Glory of Zion was beginning their Passover weekend of services, so I tuned in online at 7pm, the guest speaker for the night was Jane Hamon, a prophetess, and she said, in 2012, the Lord gave her a prophetic vision about a safe/vault and now 7 years later, we have come full circle and God is unlocking this safe/vault. She even described it and it was the same safe/vault in my vision. My mouth was on the floor as I felt the Lord wink at me. This is what I saw and the Lord was saying, it is being unlocked so access to the treasures within can be released.

What I have learned since Thursday, after talking to some friends about this experience and spending some more time in the word, listening for more about this encounter, the Lord showed me is, just as Isaiah cried in chapter 6, woe is me, I am undone (dissolved), when He saw the Lord, that as we see the Lord, we are going to recognize our smallness and hear the invitation into His majesty, but to do so, we must become one with Him.  In John 11:44, where Lazarus has come out of the grave, and Jesus says, “Loose him and let him go!” this word loose in the Greek means to dissolve. I was stunned, the Lord is releasing us from the limitations and restrictions that have bound us. We are dissolving into Oneness with Him and this is unlocking treasures untold. My friends, we are living in a new era, as Dutch Sheets has said so many times. God is teaching us, that the more we understand His nature, the easier it is for us to let go of self and become One with Him.

There is no God is my co-pilot, nor are we in partnership with Him. The Lord has been and always will be after oneness with us. To become one, we have be dissolved, so we can be absorbed.

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