A Distinct Demarcation

The demarcation is clear.

Some see fear, others see freedom.

Some see oppression, others see eradication.

Some see destruction, others see restoration.

Some see loss, others see abundance.

Some see Matthew 24, others see Isaiah 60.

Some see the end, others see the beginning.

What you see is what you say!

One day is ending and a new one is beginning, that is why the demarcation is obvious, because we are in the midst of worldwide transition. Some things are coming down, other things are being built up. Some people are being exposed, while others are being rescued. These are incredible days in which we live. If you will not try to figure it out, you will see the kingdom of God advancing rapidly around the world. But you must be still, listen and let God show you what He is doing. Humility is the way to see clearly.

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