Bread is a Weapon

When the Bible says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds, (2Cor. 10:3-5) that is a military term. It is not physical men or women in the military of your nation that are able to pull down the strongholds in the heavenly places over your nation. However it does mean that God has given us a military which is not carnal but is spiritual. The weapons that we have been given are many but one of them that we do not usually think about is the weapon of bread.

Bread in Hebrew is h3898. לָחַם lâḥam; a primitive root; to feed on; figuratively, to consume; by implication, to battle (as destruction): — devour, eat, x ever, fight(-ing), overcome, prevail, (make) war(-ring).

AV (177) – fight 149, to war 10, make war 8, eat 5, overcome 2, devoured 1, ever 1, prevail 1; to fight, do battle, make war(Qal) to fight, do battle(Niphal) to engage in battle, wage war (Qal) to eat, use as food (Strongs Concordance)

Whenever you take communion you are fighting with spiritual weapons. Whenever you give your bread as an offering according to Ecclesiastes 11 you are doing spiritual warfare. And whenever you quote the word of God according to John 6 you are going to war. For bread is the body in communion;bread is your money in giving; and bread is Jesus Christ who is the word.

In the spiritual battle that we are currently in take your bread and go to war!

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