America, Have A Seat

America, America don’t doubt the words of My prophets who told you the truth about this day. Both modern and ancient prophets spoke of this day, they spoke for Me not for themselves. Trust My words that came through their mouths and do not fear. Open your eyes to learn about My ways, for the prophet, priest and king David told you in Psalm 23:5 “I prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies; I have anointed your head with oil; Your cup overflows.” What you are seeing is the enemies of this nation being exposed for all to see, but you, America, are sitting at the table with Me.

Your enemies have been hidden in plain sight for decades, but today you are seeing them because I am exposing them before you. Have not your prophets told you this would happen? This is the start of America seeing the enemies in their midst. Your enemies are not blue or red they are anti-America; they are anti-people; “they are anti-Me” says the Lord. Do not fear them stay seated at the table with Me in their presence. I am showing them I am for you and not against you and I am showing you how they work in the midst of you.

Sit America, sit at the table with Me, they can’t harm you even though their presence is all around you. My table is a communion table, many of you have eaten here before, but I want you to sit here and watch what I do to reveal your enemies for all to see. Because the enemies you see today, just like I told Israel, you will see no more (Exodus 14:13), sit and see the salvation of the Lord.

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