If you’ve ever flown on an airplane you know when the captain comes on mid flight to tell you we are headed into some jet streams that will cause turbulence so please take your seat. Once in your seat it’s time to put on your seat belt and make sure your tray table is in its upright position.

After the passengers are settled the flight attendants scurry to finish up any drinks or dinner service and when their done they do one more walk through before they too are seated with their seat belts on.

Next there is a silence, stillness on the plane as all activity has ceased and it can make you wonder if the captain was mistaken about the supposed turbulence. But no, the captain saw things we couldn’t and sure enough the turbulence comes and it can be a short or long duration but it is turbulence nonetheless. Honestly, it can be scary at times, but when the plane passes through the turbulence, everyone exhales and the flight continues.

Once the plane arrives at its destination the stewardess says, be careful when opening the overhead bins for things may have shifted during the flight.

We are on flight name Victory Belongs to Jesus and we are on God Alone is on the Throne Airlines. The angelic stewardesses are doing the final walk through of the plane and are taking their seat in preparation for the turbulence. But fear not, for they are singing When I Am Surrounded I Am Surrounded By You. As they start singing from the back of the plane, eventually the sound fills the whole plane as everyone joins in the one song.

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