Justice is Protection

I was praying Psalm 99 today and when I got to verse 4 the Lord began to explain to me some things about justice. Here’s Psalm 99:4 “The strength of the King loves justice; You have established equity; You have executed justice and righteousness in Jacob.”

We know righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s Throne (Psalm 97:2) but why is that so important to God and why is justice and righteousness so important to us? God put the attributes of Himself in us that is why we cry out for justice. Here’s what He showed me…

Justice is a manifestation of protection and God is our Father. Justice makes people feel safe. Justice detours others from transgressing against their neighbors. Justice and righteousness are healthy for humanity. Our desire for justice is a desire for protection from our Father in heaven. Justice reveals love to us.

Vengeance is punishment, pain, a desire to see people suffer for what they’ve done. Vengeance is not justice. If we struggle with justice it’s be a we think of it as vengeance. Justice is protection, it’s love, it’s a Father taking care of His children. We long for justice because we long to be protected.

We are going to see justice manifest, not to cause us to fear punishment but to deter those who may one day consider doing what others have done and to manifest protection in our nation. When justice manifests you will feel safer knowing transgressors are not getting away with their transgressions. And it will humble many for justice ripples and rolls and creates righteousness in us, for righteousness and justice is what keeps us from sinning against our neighbors.

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