Tabitha Arise

TABITHA ARISE! this phrase jumped off the page as I read it in Acts 9:40. The Lord is inviting us to announce Tabitha Arise! It’s an easy announcement to make, but when we realize what we are being invited to speak forth, it adds substance to a saying.

Tabitha (Dorcas) is a woman in Joppa that died, she was a woman who was known for charity (love) and deeds of kindness. Peter came to town and was invited to come into the upper room where they laid her. After sending out the weeping widows, Peter prayed, turned to the body, and said, Tabitha Arise! and she opened her eyes and she sat up (Acts 9:39-40).

Tabitha means bright eyes of a gazelle, Gazelle means prominence, splendor, beautiful, glorious, pleasant, goodly, honor, decoration. When Tabitha heard the words of Peter saying Tabitha Arise, bright eyes were opened and she sat up. I believe Tabitha is the body of Christ and the Lord is inviting us to announce, proclaim, Tabitha Arise.

We as the body of Christ need a great awakening to the revelation of Jesus Christ as risen savior. We need our bright eyes opened to His beauty, splendor, glory, honor and prominence. For as we behold Him we become like Him for He is the head and we are His body.

I hear an announcement in the spirit saying Tabitha Arise! I hear an invitation in the spirit, asking us to announce, prophecy, proclaim in the same thing, Tabitha Arise! It’s time for the bright eyes of the body of Christ to be opened.

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