Come In

Do you ever find phrases, statements or verses in the Word of God that cause you to read no further? Do you find yourself going beyond the black and white on the page into the words being spoken? The Word of God is like CS Lewis’ wardrobe. You may look at it on face value but when you enter into it, you find a whole other world to explore and discover.

Psalm 18:35 brought me to a standstill this morning and I wonder if it will do the same for you. Listen to what David wrote, “Your gentleness makes me great.” The Word of God corrects our understanding of God. When we realize He is gentle, we let our guard down, we open our heart to Him, we let Him see us. If we don’t know He’s gentle we hide from Him, we talk about Him but don’t know Him, we spend very little time with Him. Because we don’t realize “Your gentleness makes me great.”

I have learned from spending time with God that He always corrects me up, He never tears me down; He always speaks better of me than I speak of myself; and He loves me more than I know how to be loved. “Your gentleness makes me great.” Its verses like this that dismantle defenses, melt hard hearts, and unlock prison doors inside of us. I have experienced His gentleness, His kindness, and His goodness that’s why I want people to know Him. “Your gentleness makes me great.” Selah/Wardrobe/Narnia Come on in, there is so much about Him we don’t know and it’s better than we realize.

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