Truth Bombs

I’m seeing “truth bombs”. I keep seeing them and in my imagination I think they falling from the sky as though heaven is hurling them to the earth. But as I prayed about these “truth bombs” the Lord said they are not coming from heaven they are coming out of the mouths of God’s oracles on earth. It was as though mouths became cannons that shoot these “truth bombs” and as they land in people’s hearts they explode.

The “truth bombs” did the work of destroying walls of resistance; blowing up strongholds of lies the person has been locked in; and kicked open doors of deception that were tempting them to make wrong decisions. These “truth bombs” were killing the enemy and all his operatives in people’s lives. When these “truth bombs” exploded on impact the person was set free.

I see God’s oracles like His special ops team that will release these bombs so the person can go free then others will come in and disciple the person on how to live in this freedom. The whole body of Christ is going to be needed for the walking out of the freedom that is gained from the “truth bombs” that are about to explode in people’s lives.

John 8:32 “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

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