Anointing Needed

One of the desires that many in the body of Christ have is to be anointed. Some people want to be anointed to preach, others want to be anointed for miracles, some want the anointing of power, and others want to be anointed to get wealth. There’s a lot of talk in the charismatic church about mantles And how people desire the mantle of this person that died or that prophet that once was. When we step back and listen to the things that we say as a charismatic church, much of it is for personal gain, rather than for the glory of God.

The desire to be anointed is not a wrong desire, however knowing how to be anointed, is what most people don’t understand. Remember when the disciples wanted to know who was the greatest? Jesus didn’t rebuke them for wanting to be great, he explained to them how to become the greatest. Jesus said if you want to be great become the servant of all. So the idea of what you want is not necessarily wrong, but knowing how to obtain it is where most of us have no clue.

Reading Psalm 45 this morning and praying into this the Lord began to show me an anointing that very few people ask for, but every one of us should desire. Not only is this anointing identified but it shows us how to obtain it listen to Psalm 45:7 “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness;

Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You With the oil of joy above Your fellows.” anointed with the oil of joy.” The way to become anointed with the oil of joy according to the Psalmist is to love righteousness and hate wickedness. Joy is not something you can purchase, it is something that comes from consistently loving righteousness and hating every form of wickedness. I believe what we need to be anointed with above all others is the oil of joy. May you desire this anointing for it is identifiable, to both believers and unbelievers alike because it is so rare on most peoples lives.

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