Prophets Of God

Prophets are like town criers, they stand in the presence of the King and then come out and announce to the people what the King said. Prophets of God only speak what God said, they don’t add their interpretation; their agenda; their desires or the people’s desires into what God said. Prophets of God are only the mouthpiece, they are not the voice. Therefore, they don’t seek credit for being accurate; they don’t seek payment for what God said through them; they don’t seek affirmation; or a title. Prophets of God are humbled by the reality God tells them things and trusts them to share it with His people accurately. Prophets of God desire more than anything for everyone to hear the voice of God, so when they speak it just becomes a confirmation or an echo of what you heard. The only reason prophets of God hear clearly is because they listen consistently. Everyone can NT prophesy (edify, exhort, encourage), but not everyone is a prophet of God, because not everyone is willing to be a town crier that only announces what the King is saying in now time. Henceforth, why Paul said in Ephesians 4:12 “And He gave some to be prophets…”

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