Time to Testify

Time to testify…

On Thursday morning in my prayer time the Lord gave me a specific prayer assignment to a specific location to make a specific decree. I went and did what the Lord told me to do. As I’m driving back home, I get a phone call from my mom in Minnesota and she says I just got the coming soon listing for my lake place I am selling. She sent me the link so I could see the pictures, this was Thursday morning.

On Friday afternoon just over 24 hours later she calls again and says “My realtor calls and says we have a cash buyer that will take the house as is. No appraisal, no inspection!” She is shocked, I said that’s God because I was praying yesterday on a mountain, for something similar for someone else and this is God. She shouts thank you, I believe it.

Friday night she receives a call from her realtor saying they want to pay full price, with cash, will you accept the offer. Saturday morning she says yes, the buyer and realtor talk, the buyer agrees to $10,000 Ernest money and the paperwork is in process. Saturday afternoon the buyers sign, Saturday night my mom signs and she sold an over $400,000 lake home in less than 72 hours. They close on the 30th of this month.

The Lord told me earlier this week NO LAG TIME! Here’s the first testimony of this promise God made this week, NO LAG TIME FRIENDS, NO MORE DELAY! Praise the Lord with me and my mom, she just got set free in ways most will never know.

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