When the storms around you are blowing harder than the structure inside of you, it’s easy to say I’m under attack. This then causes us to be tossed to and fro by the storms outside of us and then it causes an emotional storm inside of us. Now we are truly in the midst of a storm.

Storms arise unexpectedly at times, storms come from other people around us that are in a storm and storms come from our own thoughts that are not aligned with Gods thoughts about us or about something we’ve observed incorrectly. Nonetheless it’s a storm and we’ve all been in them or some are in them right now.

Storms are not fun in the moment but they do reveal things to us about us if we are willing to learn from our storms or the storms of others. Storms invite us to: remember Who lives in us (Christ in you the hope of glory); to read the word of God continually (the word is living and active- Hebrews 4:12); to recognize we are vulnerable and to take shelter (He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High – Psalm 91).

Next time your in a storm or even better yet, before the storm comes, establish in your heart that the storm is an invitation not a distraction, which is why you can be still in the storm – Psalm 46.

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