Song of the Lord

We serve a God of sound! Whether its the wind, thunder, lightning, water, vibrations or silence, our God is a God of sound. Even silence has a sound. LIght has a sound; love is a sound; peace is a sound. When sound connects with words we have a song of the Lord. The sound is God, the source of all sound and the words are the manifestation of God, Who is the Word and it creates a song.

Can you hear the songs of the Lord in the ripping of the veil; the shattering of the rocks; the opening of the tombs; the burning of the bush; the wings of the angels? Can you hear the songs of the Lord in the waves of the sea; the crowds; the crosses in Gethsemane? These are all the sounds put to words which make the songs of the Lord.

Even the silence has a sound. When the sun went black, there was a sound during those three hours of darkness. Can you hear it as you read the story? Can you hear the faint sound of weeping from the women who stood at a distance and watched the crucifixion? Can you hear the sound of the hammer hitting the nails and the gasps of the crowd? Can you hear the astonishment in the voices of the women who arrived at the tomb and saw the stone rolled away? Can you hear the sound of the men’s feet as they rushed to the tomb based on the report the women gave? Can you hear it?

The Bible is the song of the Lord, from the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve as they heard the footsteps of God; to the sound of the 24 elders in the book of Revelation declaring holy, holy, holy. Sounds, many sounds. As you read your Bible. I pray you can begin to slow down in order to hear the sounds it is releasing in conjunction with the words that are written, for the Bible is the song of the Lord.

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