Love God Love People

People that spend time with God should have the heart of God. The more time you spend with Him the more you become like Him. This is why we don’t read our Bible for a sermon to preach, we don’t worship for a song to write, we don’t go to church for a spouse to find. Those who spend time with the Lord, will carry His heart, which will manifest in service to others, love for all, and an ability to hear His voice and obey quickly.

The Apostle Paul carried the heart of God for people. He wasn’t trying to become famous he loved God so much and he wanted others to know the one he loved. We are told we can’t know people’s motives, but we can sense their heart and if they don’t love you you’ll know it. The people knew Paul loved them so they wanted to know about the man Jesus Christ he loved so much. My prayer is that we would love Jesus so much it manifests for others to see and want to know this Man we know and love.

Religion knows the word but not the man. You may be religious if you can quote the word, preach the word or write songs about the word but you don’t love people. Your character reveals what you love. We must be lovers of Jesus and people not ministry, money and popularity. When you meet a real lover of God you will be able to recognize it immediately. That’s why when people met Jesus they left everything and followed, He exuded love for Hos Father and for people. Let it be said of us, they loved God and we the people knew it because they loved us!

Colossians 2:2 “I’m working hard to comfort and encourage them so that they will be knit together—that many hearts would become one through His love. I do it so they will be rich in understanding and have full knowledge of God’s mystery, which is the Anointed One Himself.”

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