Dealing With the Spirit of Rahab

To the Church around the world. The Ekklessia, the governing body of the earth. To those who know how to pray and shift atmospheres. There is a spirit of Rahab that is seeking to arise and conquer in the nations. This spirit is proud, defiant, it seeks to disturb, alarm, confuse, it acts stormily , behaves proudly, it is a storm and it is time for the Church to deal with this spirit of Rahab.

The enemy seeks to get us so distracted with our own personal issues, we cannot see the principalities in the air that are creating chaos on the ground. We see the fruit of this spirit all around us, but it is not among us, it is a spirit of the air that must be dealt with in the nations. It is a spirit of Rahab. The Lord with His mighty right arm will destroy this spirit, but we must recognize, call it out and ask the Lord to deal with it.

The days of shadow boxing are over, we must know what we are dealing with and pray in such a way that God Himself can deal it a death blow. It seeks to be a shape shifting spirit, by changing names, but it is the same spirit of Rahab. Strong’s concordance says, Rahab is the emblematic name of Egypt, it is a sea monster, it is a storm For you that have ears to hear we are dealing with the same ancient spirit of Leviathan, but it is called the spirit of Rahab.

The Biblical Ekklessia was a governing body of people in every city, territory or region. You know who you are and I am inviting you in your region, your nation, to join me in dealing with this spirit of Rahab that is seeking to arise again right now. This spirit is being dealt a final death blow by the Lord, so all we need to do is ascend in prayer and declare Psalm 89:10 “You Yourself crushed Rahab like one who is slain; You scattered Your enemies with Your mighty arm.” Then just like with Pharoh and his armies, these enemies we see today we will never see again. Arise Ekklessia and pray, decree, decide it is the end of the spirit of Rahab in our nation!

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