Get Ready to Garden

Many have said and continue to say that we are in a transition of biblical proportions. There are so many scriptures that we can pull fourth to describe where we are in history. But as I am reading Amos chapter 2 today I come across this verse and the Lord stopped me dead in my tracks of reading and says “This is what I’m doing”. The Lord is Destroying the roots and the fruits of a deeply entrenched enemy in our promised land. Listen to what Amos 2:9 says, “I destroyed all of Canaan’s Amorites before them, those Canaanites who were as tall as the towering cedars, as strong as the mighty oaks. As entrenched as they were, I still destroyed their fruit above and their roots underneath My promised land.” He is dealing with the above ground fruits and the below ground roots.

We are living in the promised land, we have made it through the wilderness, and now the Lord is destroying the enemies that are deeply entrenched in the land that he has given to us. We are called to steward the earth with godliness, holiness, righteousness, so that it operates in peace and joy. We are not going to get raptured out of here, we are going to become more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. The Lord is defeating the enemies in the land so that we can build and plant for generations to come. Takeoff your rapture boots and put on your gardening gloves because the promised land is a place where we work the ground and it produces for us an abundance of harvest in every way. We are going to love doing the work of the Lord that is why the Lord himself is dealing with the deeply entrenched enemies in this land that we have been called to cultivate.

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