Recalibrating Voice

It’s amazing how the loudest voices we hear; the constant barrage of noise we have to endure; can feel like those voices are the authority, that those voices have the final say. But despite their volume and their persistence, they are only in charge until the voice of God speaks. Once the Lord opens His mouth to speak, every other voice is inferior to His voice.

Psalm 93:3-4 says, “The waters have risen, O Eternal One; the sound of pounding waves is deafening. The waters have roared with power. More powerful than the thunder of mighty rivers, more powerful than the mighty waves in the ocean is the Eternal on high!”

One word from God cuts through all the noise, all the voices, all the attacks of the enemy and changes everything. God’s voice has such authority, it come with such clarity, it stands unchallenged once it is heard. In our frail humanity, we can lose sight of divinity, but God brings us back to our identity, so we can operate in His authority. His voice recalibrates everything.

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