Great Awakening

It’s called a great awakening because it touches every area of life, culture and country. It’s called a great awakening because it involves more than just the church. It’s called a great awakening because the world is waking up. It’s already begun for those that are listening, watching, waiting. It’s happening in more places and more spaces than we realize.

The great awakening is not a church growth program it is God encounter with humanity; it is heaven touching earth. When heaven touches earth everything changes. Creation rejoices, businesses prosper, families are restored, people are put in their right mind, health is evident, spirits are revived. The great awakening is happening world wide.

The question is can you see it? Can you hear it? Can you sense the atmosphere has changed? The tables have turned, we are about to witness victory after victory after victory. It’s already happening. We are going to see national jubilee in nations all over the world, this is part of the great awakening. We are going to hear of things that have been hidden from us for generations. This is all part of the great awakening.

The Lord told me, we have been in a David season of war, but when the war is over we and are children and children’s children will be living in a Solomon time of peace and prosperity. It’s already begun, God has been working victory with people and in places many of us would not believe but it’s God but it’s true. We are in the beginning of a truly great awakening. Rejoice! God has heard our prayers.

Psalm 118:5 “From my distress I called upon the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me in a large place.”

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