Prophetic Sign?

On Friday, Dutch Sheets in His Give Him 15 broadcast recounted Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word he had given in Tennessee the previous weekend. Then on Friday night in Florida Dutch was speaking at the ROAR conference and he shared the prophetic word again that included the date October 18th. Dutch reinterred October 18th was Monday, today. As Dutch was sharing Chuck’s word he said, “The plug is being pulled…”. The Holy Spirit reminded me of a dream I had in light of this word. Here is my dream…

In 2016 I had a dream that I was in an Old Navy store down on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO with my parents. I went to pay for a red sweater I found in the clearance section and while at the register to pay, I saw an antique circuit fall to the off position and the lights went out in the store. I headed outside to see if the lights went out in any other store, but once outside I crossed the street and to my left was a cemetery and I heard them playing the song Taps. End of dream.

I told my dream to Camber Cleland Otto and Autumn Darden and a couple days later on a Sunday morning our church had an unexpected and unexplainable power outage. They could not get the power back on so my Pastor opened a side door to let daylight in and preached with a flashlight. Any there that day will remember it. Camber was sitting a couple rows behind me and tapped my shoulder, Lisa it’s your dream. I have sat on this dream for five years, so for the Holy Spirit to remind me of it was interesting in light of Chuck Pierce’s Word, pulling the plug on the circuit and then recircuitting.

The reason I share this is because Colin Powell, a 4 star General died today October 18th, henceforth the song Taps in my dream after the lights went out. Just some puzzle pieces to ponder. Chuck Pierce said when the circuit was pulled out on October 18 a new circuit would be established and it would recircuit America. Is this 4 star General’s death a prophetic sign?

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