Deborah! Esther!

The Lord has had me praying various places in the word of God, for He said, “there are many prayers people in the Bible prayed that are needed today.” I was in Judges 5 today and the Lord spoke to me about the war at the gate, but the warriors and commanders are without weapons. The scripture goes on to say, the way to get weapons in the hands of the warriors is to sing.

Then this afternoon, I was listening to an audio book on Declarations by Jane Harmon and she brought up Queen Esther. When she was speaking, the Lord said to me, He is needing the Esther’s to arise and ask! The church is always personified as a female in scripture, so when God says, Esther’s arise and ask; Deborah’s awake and sing! It is not a call to women only, it is a call to the church of Jesus Christ.

I declare to the church, you are a Deborah, AWAKE AND SING; you are an Esther, ARISE AND ASK! It is time for all timidity, insecurity, uncertainty to break off of the body of Christ and for the church to AWAKE, SING, ARISE, ASK, for the Lord is waiting for us to partner with Him to defeat once and for all this enemy that is at the gate. He has already declared the victory, now we must apprehend it with the confidence of Deborah and Esther.

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