Decree and Watch Them Flee

Feelings, emotions are energy in motion. Negative emotions are negative energy in motion, this is why negative emotions are time wasters. Think about it for a minute, what good came out of negative emotions? Did they produce anything of value for you? Now think about what did those negative emotions take from you? Negative emotions are theives and robbers and we must stop them at the gate, so they cannot enter our minds, our homes, our churches, our regions, our nations.

Declarations are words we have been given as weapons to stop the enemy called negative emotions at the gate. Whether we woke up with these feelings of negativity, or circumstances created them as we went through our day. When you find them arising in you or even around you, find a declaration in the word of God and decree what you want to see. Use the authority God has given you to decree, not waste time letting negative emotions rule you. For just like negative emotions, decrees change the atmosphere for our words are powerful.

Here is one decree I have used and I encourage you to add to your arsenal of decrees, so when the enemy called negative emotions arises, you can shoot it down with a decree. Decree Judges 5:21 “O my soul, march on with strength!” It may take you saying it more than once, but I promise you, your decree will change you and the atmosphere in which you stand. “O my soul, march on with strength!” Deborah decreed it, Israel decreed it, and we can decree it, no matter what caused those negative emotions to arise. Don’t give in to them, decree “My soul, is marching on with strength!” Decree and watch them flee.

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