We Are Called To Build

When I worked as an editor for a local newspaper, I learned that some people are keyboard critics and some are content creators. Most people are just casual observers, reading both the content and the critique. I think it is healthy to critique content others produce, for two reasons, one it helps the content creator solidify what they are producing; two it reminds them why quality content is needed.

Keyboard critics are those who do not write any substantive content, but rather spend their time reading what the content creators are writing, producing, creating and they believe they are called to correct it, critique it or correct it with their opinion. Once you, as a content creator, recognize a keyboard critic, there is no need to keep defending yourself, for the content will speak for itself.

One example in scripture of this is when Paul is addressing prophesy being spoken inside the church. He says, when one prophet speaks, two or three other prophets should judge that prophesy (1 Corinthians 14:29-30). Why did Paul say prophets in the church should judge the prophecy spoken in the church? The answer to this will vary but one reason is because prophets understand prophecy.

When we are critiquing what we have never created, we are doing it out of our outside opinion rather than our insider understanding. People that have planted churches understand church planting; people who are professional athletes understand professional sports; people who have been in management understand managing. We need to stay in our lane, for it is easy to be a critic but it takes time, energy and commitment to be a content creator, no matter the field you create in. May we as the church be creators, builders, edifiers, not critics.

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