Here Comes the Truth

The transformation the nations are in is so all-consuming it is going to take us years to fully understand it let alone embrace it. The magnitude is mind-blowing to the controlling and exhilarating to those who have been walking by the spirit. It is currently happening underground and those who have been willing to enter the secret place; dig deep wells; and have remained hidden; have seen and heard things that most have not. It is like going to the zoo and looking through the glass under the water where the polar bear swims or the penguins zip through the water.

Those currently in positions to communicate the narative in every sector of society are either clueless to what is going on or unwilling to share what is going on, but either way they are about to be thrust from their narrative shaping location for they are not speaking the truth. Truth is going to be heard from every narrative shaping location around the world. This will include pulpits, platforms, podiums, studios, theatres, all written, spoken and visual narratives are going to communicate truth and those who are truth speakers will occupy these positions.

What I see is a massive whale jumping out of the water, without notice and it is going to shock many for they didn’t see this whale of truth coming, others are going to say that’s a “fish tale”, but eye witnesses will speak with such vivid detail and revelation, it will be undeniable. We are moving from minimal information to the unleashing of revelation truth. The current narrators will undergo sweeping change because the message will go forth and the people will be set free. When Jesus came on the scene, His first message was “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand!” My friends, we are in a kingdom of God at hand moment again and it is going to be all-consuming; liberating; and undeniably God! Can you see it, can you hear it? I can!

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