Rich in Mystery

The desire to be the first to do something hinders us from the rich history that lies beneath our feet. Due to the reality that we live in the 21st Century is enough evidence that we are not the first to do anything. For some that is a challenging thought but for others that is a beautiful expression of generational blessings. Some may argue we are the first generation to have a phone, television or even land on the moon, but the truth is God was the one who did everything first, so anything any human may do is maybe second, but probably further down the line than we realize.

Embracing the mystery that is in the history will help us to appreciate the generations before us who did things we now consider brand new. Genesis 1 tells us that God spoke and creation listened and obeyed, that was the first form of communication. Adam was the first human to hear the voice of God and the list of firsts goes on and on. Why is this important, because when we you read the word of God the further you get away from Genesis, the book of firsts, the more you have to go back to Genesis to see the mystery that is in the history. Our God is a God of details and He spares nothing in making the highest quality everything with rich history as its foundation.

2 Chronicles 3: says, “Then Solomon began to build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the LORD had appeared to his father David, at the place that David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.” When you read this if you don’t know the history the richness of where Solomon built the temple will be missed. Genesis 22:1-19 reveals the history, that explains the mystery of 2 Chronicles 3. Mount Moriah is where Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, the same Mount Moriah where David had the Lord appear and so it is not a coincidence that Abraham named Mount Moriah “Yahweh Appears!” (Genesis 22:14).

As we end 2021 and reflect on all God has done, let looking back be a time of remembering the rich history in the soil of not only this year, but in many years gone by. We may be standing on what is new land to us, but it is not new to those who have gone before you. Take time to discover the history, for it is rich in mystery that unlocks truth that launches you into what you are heading into. There are many marvelous mysteries all around you, enjoy!

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