Watch for the Ancient Path

Everyday is unique, this morning I woke up with a pep in my step, so I grabbed the car keys and headed to the gym at 6am only to find out it is closed as today is Christmas Eve. I was not going to be detoured, so I walked to the back of the large empty parking lot and was going to do laps in the lot, for I was ready to move this body first thing this morning. As I journeyed to the back of the lot, I found what looked like a faint trail in the grass. There were no signs or markings, just the throught others have walked this way before, so I am going to see where it leads me.

Once on this grass trail, I come to a tree line and then a small creek with a make shift bridge made out of pallets and cinder blocks in order to cross it. Others have definitely come this way before and many times. On the other side of th creek is another grass trodden trail, so I continue to follow it and it leads to a paved path in which I can go right or left. I decided to go right and the path is surrounded by woods and cornfields. The sound of birds singing in the trees, the gentle breeze on this perfect morning made it a delight. I follow the path and it has old broken down excerise equipment at various stations along it. This probably was a popular path many years ago, and here I am just now finding it, yet it carries the same joy for me as it probably did for so many others that had gone before me.

As I walked the path I prayed, prophesied and praised the Lord. At one point I looked up and there was a red tail hawk sitting in the tree branch just watching waiting for potential breakfast. The Bible says in Jeremiah 6:16 “This is what the Lord says: Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.” I pray you never lose the awe, wonder and adventure of walking with God. I pray you never lose your childlike sense of curiosity that will take you on an unmarked trail. I pray you wake up every day alive and ready to go where He says go and do what He says do. I pray you live, really live while you are alive.

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