Worship Unlocks Wisdom

Today is the first day of February on the Gregorian calendar, at sundown today is the first day of Adar on the Hebrew calendar. The aligning of the calendars on the same day is significant, because it speaks of an alignment of time that is happening in the spirit which is manifesting in the natural. We are living in the days of divine timing and in order to understand these days in which we live, we must be worshippers of Yahweh, Yeshua, the only true God.

Proverbs 1:7 says, “Let us begin. The worship of the Eternal One, the one True God, is the first step toward knowledge. Fools however, do not fear God and cannot stand wisdom and guidance.” If we want to be people that understand the times in which we live, we must be worshippers of God. Worship includes but is not limited to singing on Sunday morning in church. Worship is hearing and obeying the voice of God. Worship is spending time in the Word of God and ministering to God. Worship is prayer and praise. Worship is investing in our relationship with God, every day.

Christians have been taught the importance of ministering to people, but how many Christians are ministering to God? Ministering to God is our first call as a royal priesthood. Priests first call is to minister to God and out of that ministry we minister to people at work, school, church, the marketplace, anywhere we go. It all starts with worshipping God, ministering to God. The reason we lack wisdom is not because we are not intelligent, but because wisdom comes from ministering to God, worshipping God.

Worship God and you will learn wisdom, worship God and you will understand the times, worship God and you will come alive and stay alive. The key is to be a worshipper of God.

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