A Bigger Loss?

The war we are in is global and it has been and continues to be spiritual. There are times in history when this spiritual war that is usually played out behind the scenes has the veil so thin we can see it manifesting spiritually in real life. For those who are discerning they see things clearer than those who are just casual observers. Johnny Enlow sees things in sporting events like no one I have ever heard before. Robin Bullock does behind the scenes prophetic prayers ands acts we only hear about after the fact. Kim Clement used to see high level warfare in governments around the world and speak about them from his keyboard in the place he called “The Den”. Chuck Pierce writes books about what he sees as God usually gives him long term prophetic words like his book the Passover Prophecies or The Future War of the Church. Dutch and Tim Sheets seem to be uneventful when they speak from behind their desk or pulpit, but the power of their words is undeniable as they release marching orders for the body of Christ. Emma Stark operates in a prophetic manner that equips the body of Christ in spiritual warfare and deliverance. While Stacy Campbell literally has things happen to her personally as prophetic signs of what God is doing. No two prophetic voices are exactly alike, but they all are hearing the voice of God and are speaking what they are hearing God say to us in this generation.

God speaks to us all and whether we have a name others know when it is spoken like a James Goll or Patricia King; or it’s just a you and a me, God is speaking, our audience may be smaller, but that does not minimize the impact of His voice on the atmosphere and on those who can hear us. This is why it is important to share what we hear God speaking, no matter how many people may like, share or subscribe to it. Now with all that said, I want to share something with you the Lord spoke to me before the Super Bowl and now just reminded me of moments ago. I only shared this with one person, because I said it as a what if, not a thus says the Lord. Now, today the Lord said to me, “I told you the Bengals losing would be a sign that Communist China is losing, because this is the year of the Tiger.”

For you that don’t know, the Chinese New Year happened on February 1, 2022 and every year they have an animal associated with that year. It is called the Chinese Zodiac. This year, 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. Because I lived in Malaysia and have many friends who are Chinese and I learned about Chinese New Year (CNY), the Lord prompted me to look up what animal this year represented. When I saw it was the tiger, I said to someone, I sense the Super Bowl between the Rams and the Bengals will be significant. The Chiefs aren’t playing, so I have not vested interest in who wins and Johnny Enlow is so good at hearing the prophetic voice of God in these games, I was not going to jump in that lane. But the Year of the Tiger for China caught my attention since the Bengals is a tiger. Now that the Bengals lost, the Lord is whispering it is a prophetic sign to us that the CCP has lost.

Now that the Lord has spoken, we keep our eyes open and ears open for evidence of what the Lord is saying, but this is significant and probably bigger than we realize right now today. Remember, God speaks in a variety of ways and today He spoke through a tiger. I don’t tell Him what to say or how to say it, I just listen for His voice so I can share with you what I am hearing Him say.

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