Red Rover

I am seeing in the spirit the game “Red Rover”. In the game Red Rover, there is a line of people linking arms and they say, to the other team, “Red rover, red rover, send _______________ right over.” As I am seeing this, I saw when the links in the line were broken because whatever was sent over broke through the wall that was linked there. But today, I hear those same words, “Red rover, red rover send ___________ right over” but this time the line is bending a bit but it is absorbing that into the line that has been built strong. No longer shall the line be broken, it may bend but it is not breaking.

I hear the Lord saying, my wall of intercessors have been receiving the enemy sending things at them and in the past the links have been broken for the enemy always sends something to the weakest link in the line, but the Lord says, the line is stronger now, the wall will not be moved, the enemy is still sending things over, but this time they are going to be absorbed and become part of the line that has already formed. People who are sent over will recognize the power, authority and strength of the line and they will want to join in, henceforth, they will be absorbed in. The days of the line breaking and people defecting to the enemy is over, now the enemy is sending people over and they are being absorbed into the wall that is not going to move.

As in the days of Nehemiah, they rebuilt the wall, the Lord has rebuilt the wall in our nation and more and more and more people are being added to it daily. Saul’s are becoming Paul’s, Simon’s are becoming Peter’s; change is happening faster than we can recognize for the Lord has changed hearts while the enemy was overplaying his hand. Power has shifted, so “Red rover, red rover, send whoever you want on over” because the Lord is arresting and absorbing them upon impact!

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