The Celebration Has Begun

The creativity of God is seen in the diversity of humanity and creation. From the variety of plant species and fish to the innumerable fingerprints and various skin tones. God loves diversity and He calls us to celebrate it whenever we see it, hear it or experience it. Diversity is the manifestation of creativity and it reveals the Lord’s robe of many colors. David said in Psalm 2 in a prophetic utterance “Ask of me and I will give the nations as your inheritance.” The nations are Jesus’ inheritance and He loves how diverse, colorful and expressive they are. He looks at the nations and smiles.

Due to this love of diversity God has, He loves to speak in diverse ways to His people. We all have ways we hear God and just as in Acts 2 when those gathered in Jerusalem from all the various nations, They heard God in their own language, so God speaks in a language we understand. For some people He speaks in songs, others it is in colors, others its pictures and for some it is numbers. This is only a few of the ways God speaks, but if you can learn the language He speaks to you in, you will hear His voice more clearly. One way God speaks to me is through numbers. One number God has used in my life is 4, 44, and 444. Today, I was smiling and laughing with God about all the answers to prayer He is giving me as I pray for other people. I am giddy laughing as I hear others rejoice in the answer and God getting the glory. Today, as this giddy excitement was rising, the Holy Spirit said, “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice!” The kiss from heaven for me is the verse is Philippians 4:4, its a 44.

There is great celebration breaking into our atmosphere, the days of heaviness are done and the days of celebration have begun. Shake off the spirit of heaviness, put on the garment of praise, because the kingdom of God is at hand and the Lord is manifesting victory, victory, victory for us and for His glory!

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