Prepare the Gates

Psalm 24 speaks of opening the gates so the king of glory can come in. God is rebuilding some gates like in the days of Nehemiah and He is cleansing other gates. God is about to come in through the gates of our nation. Finding those gates and repairing them or cleansing them is part of the final preparation before Passover. The King of Glory is about to come through the gates of nations. When the Lord reveals to you where a gate Into your state is, go there and cleanse it or repair it so it is ready for the King of Glory to come in. An example of this is the arch in St. Louis it is called the Gateway to the West, but it is also a gate into the state of Missouri. Go to that gate and cleanse it for the King of Glory is coming in.

Psalm 24 is what heaven is declaring right now. Open the gates, cleanse the gates, repair the gates my friends. In Ghana there is a gate it is actually called the Black Star Gate, we have had friends there cleansing that gate so the King of Glory can come into that nation. In San Francisco, CA there is a Golden Gate, if you are near there, cleanse the gate, so the King of Glory can come in. Not all gates are named gates but in the spirit we can discern that it is a gate. If the Lord reveals this to you, go to the gate and cleanse it, repair it for the King of Glory is coming in to the nations and the nations hear His voice at the gate for they are answering His call by saying, who is this King of Glory and the Lord is responding, the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty! My friends it is time for us to prepare the gates.

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