You Control the Yes

What if God had so much more He wanted to give to you and move through you, but your fear of losing control was resisting what God was trying to give you?

I am praying and the Lord shows me a vision of a building with a company name on it. I know this company and it wants to remain small, but the Lord said, that is fear. I said, fear, fear of what? The Lord said fear of losing control. God wants to make some big and they want to remain small, because they have a fear, so they control. It is not malicious nor is it probably known, but it is resisting what God is trying to give.

I kept leaning into this vision and the Lord then showed me people who He wants to do more through and for, but their fear has caused them to control and that control resists what God is trying to give them. Again, not malicious, not intentional and probably don’t even know they are doing it. Who is the “they” I don’t have names and faces, I think it is for many.

The Lord is very generous, He wants to increase us, He wants to prosper us, He wants to give us so much more than we have currently, but we must be willing to break out of the fear that is actually resisting what God is trying to give. I can see it, it is actually heart-breaking, for God has so much more for us than we even realize, but we resist and so He won’t force it on us.

A contolless life is a spirit led life. When we walk by the spirit, we are not in control after we agree to walk by faith. We control our yes or no, but then God leads if we say yes. I control the yes, but then He leads the way. This is life walking in the spirit. I pray for eyes to see, what He really has for you and for me.

Trust and Decree

Have you ever wondered why the enemy targets your relationships? Have you ever thought about the fact that if he can erode your ability to trust, he can keep you unstable? Psalm 125:1 says, “Those who trust in the LORD are as Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever.” The Lord spoke to me and said, “those who can’t trust God or people are unstable people.” He went on to show me, “the reason the enemy attacks our relationships is to erode our trust which will make us unstable.” I had never put trust and being unshakable together like that. God knows the tactics of the enemy. He knows the enemy could careless about your relationships, but he does care if you are stable. He knows better than we do, that trust is what makes us immovable.

Trusting God and trusting people will give you the ability to not be moved. Gas prices can rise or fall and you are not moved; nation can go to war against nation and you are not moved; this President can build this or that, that President can cancel this or that, but you are not moved; then people think you are sticking your head in the sand, no you are trusting God, so you are immovable. When we trust God and the people God has placed in our lives, we are not moved by what we see or hear. It does not mean we are not concerned, we are not affected, we are not hearing about it, it just means we are not moved by it, for our trust is not in earthly government, men or women in some house, or the economy. Our trust is in the Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. We see what is going on and we pray, but we are not moved, for we know who our God is and He has never let the righteous go begging bread and He works all things together for the good for those who love Him.

One final thing, even though we are immovable because of our trust, we know many people are not, so we decree “the scepter of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous, So that the righteous will not put forth their hands to do wrong’(Psalm 125:3). I am breaking the scepter of wickedness off our nation, so more people can know God alone is trustworthy and He is the one who makes us unshakable. For righteousness will exalt this nation again, I see it and I decree it.

Find the Pace of Grace

Many fear missing out, so they pick up the pace, thinking speed is the way to run the race. But in the fast pace, we miss so many things, for the enemy is driving us to do more, be more, screaming inside of us faster, faster, more, more. So, we set another goal, we push, we strive, we struggle, and we do not realize it is all the result of an internal fear of missing out. Not realizing, that in our striving, in our speed, we miss out, for God is not in a hurry. He is actually inviting us to slow down, to seize the day, to enjoy the moment. Psalm 46 says, when everything around you is in a hurry, screaming tragedy, trouble, hurry, the Lord says, in verse 10 “Be still and know that I am God.” The greatest gift we can give ourselves and others is the ability to slow down and be in the moment. This is how we don’t miss anything, because we learned to embrace the God who is our everything.

Winning Team

God speaks more languages than we even know. He not only can speak every language that is known, He can and does speak in parabolic language to us that we will understand. To an agriculturally based culture in scripture He spoke about sheep and shepherds; wheat and chaff; sowers and seed. To you and me and He speaks a language we can understand, and today the Lord spoke to me in the language of football. I love the sport called American Football. I love playing it and I love watching it. The Lord knows this about me, so this morning when He used football to show me something, I understood whaat He was saying and if you are a football fan, you will understand this as well.

When Jesus walked the earth in human flesh, He was a player on the field of the earth. When He rose from the dead He became our heavenly coach. He is still very involved in the game on earth, but He is no longer a player, but now is a coach. He sends in the game plan for us to execute. He trains the team; He sets the players in their correct positions; He is fully engaged as coach. Our job then is to let Him coach us from the heavenly realm and we are to execute the plays He sends in.

Paul in Romans 8:37 then says this, “No matter what comes, we will always taste victory through Him who loved us.” He is not just our coach, He is our Head, our Father, our Advocate, our Redeemer, He is our everything. Our job is to stay in the position He has placed us, run the plays He has given to us, and work in unison with the team He has joined us with in this generation. This picture of Jesus as our heavenly seated coach was a fresh perspective for me on how intimately involved He is with us here on earth and how honored I am to be a player on His team.

He Wants the All

The Lord is a master at showing you the end product He desires and then if you are willing to take the time to listen, He will bring you back to the beginning to show you how to get there, step by step.

This morning, I was reading, and receiving Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1 where it says, “I pray the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so you will know the hope of His calling; the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints; and the surpassing greatness of His power to us who believe.” As I began to receive His power, He began to show me how He wants to do healing in our generation. The Lord said, “You all love the one, but I love the many.” It’s not the individual power God is after, it’s corporate power He desires.

Currently people are looking for an individual with a gift of healing to pray for healing, for power coming out of one person. We have seen this model, we know it well. But the Lord wants corporate power; power coming out of the group. The Lord said, “I pour my spirit out not on one, but on all, so not just one, but all can do it together.” He then brought me to Acts 2. What I saw in the spirit, was the gift of healing coming on a group of people, so we all prayed for the person to be healed, and they were healed, it was corporate not individual.

There is a hinderance to this though. The enemy has put a fear of the “all”; the “corporate” in us. We hear this and think “cult” or we fear not getting to be the “one”, so we shy away from the “all” and then never experience it. The fear of being controlled, not getting to do what I want, keeps us individual. This implanted fear hinders us more than we know in the body of Christ.

Then the Lord revealed to me, the more fearful we are, the more consumed with self we are. Therefore, the solution is perfect love that casts out all fear. When we know we are loved, our focus is not on self, but on others. If we are going to become “all” we must experience perfect love, for that is where fear loses its grip on us and we can let go of self, which will result in “ALL”.