You Control the Yes

What if God had so much more He wanted to give to you and move through you, but your fear of losing control was resisting what God was trying to give you?

I am praying and the Lord shows me a vision of a building with a company name on it. I know this company and it wants to remain small, but the Lord said, that is fear. I said, fear, fear of what? The Lord said fear of losing control. God wants to make some big and they want to remain small, because they have a fear, so they control. It is not malicious nor is it probably known, but it is resisting what God is trying to give.

I kept leaning into this vision and the Lord then showed me people who He wants to do more through and for, but their fear has caused them to control and that control resists what God is trying to give them. Again, not malicious, not intentional and probably don’t even know they are doing it. Who is the “they” I don’t have names and faces, I think it is for many.

The Lord is very generous, He wants to increase us, He wants to prosper us, He wants to give us so much more than we have currently, but we must be willing to break out of the fear that is actually resisting what God is trying to give. I can see it, it is actually heart-breaking, for God has so much more for us than we even realize, but we resist and so He won’t force it on us.

A contolless life is a spirit led life. When we walk by the spirit, we are not in control after we agree to walk by faith. We control our yes or no, but then God leads if we say yes. I control the yes, but then He leads the way. This is life walking in the spirit. I pray for eyes to see, what He really has for you and for me.

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