A Parade Is Coming

Cognitive of it or not, we have been born into a war, we have been born into captivity. Not just sin, but of wicked people ruling over us. We had no idea, it was so well hidden we had no idea. Some are becoming aware of what we have been born into and are saying, no more. Most are still clueless to what is going on. But, God has seen and known it all. Israel spent 430 years in Egyptian captivity and 70 years in Babylonian captivity. That is 500 years of captivity. Many generations were born into captivity, it was all they knew. But God always has a day or deliverance, a day of redemption, a day of restoration for the captives. Whether we know it or not, see it or not, realize it or not, God is breaking us out of captivity as the nations.

With that being said, it is not going to be a hidden victory, it is going to go public. When David defeated Goliath, he paraded Goliath’s head around so all the other potential enemies would know how God was going to deal with them. We in our generation would call that boasting, Israel called that putting other enemies on notice. Lest we think that is just an Old Testament story, of which there are many like, it, Paul said, Jesus did the same thing. Colossians 2:15 says it this way, “When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him.” Jesus put His enemies on public display! It was a victory parade to show the future enemies that they have no chance of victory over Yahweh.

The war we were born into is going to bring the enemies into a public display of shame, not to rub their nose in it, but to let any potential other enemies know this is what will happen to you if you mess with the nations again. I see a public display of victory on the very near horizon, for the Lord is winning a war most don’t even realize we are in. I see it, for He has called me to declare desolation in certain locations and to make declarations in other ones. Now it is coming to the light what has been done in prayer undercover.

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