A New Prophetic Adventure

The new has begun, this prophetic adventure was like none I have done before. I am still processing it all, henceforth, why I have not documented it here on Facebook as of yet and not sure I will document it all here. The encounters I had were life changing and this morning in church the presence of God came in the room the minute Dustin, our leader, spoke his first words almost 90 minutes into the service. But once he started speaking, everything changed, the presence was palatable, his words were anointed, and the children began to release healing as worship ascended like incense. But back to our trip.

I left the house at 7:15am after a morning of the Lord showing me the numbers of the day, 2222 and 444, based on the date April 2, 2022. I was lead to read Isaiah 22 and Ezekiel 44 respectively. Isaiah is about the removal of one leader and the establishing of another. Ezekiel is about the corruption of one set of priests and the righteousness of another set. Ezekiel also speaks of the east gate. Only God knows how to orchestrate so many details so perfectly. I arrive at my friend Sharon Ward Shirley’s house and we get in the “chariot of fire” her red Mercedes we take on these adventures. We arrrive in Cleveland, TN and meet up with Katie as the Lord told me the East Gate into TN is in Cleveland, TN and there is religion at the gate, so I was to go cleanse the gate.

We meet at the Church of God headquarters and the first thing I see is a creek, so I salt the river according to 2 Kings 2:19-22 declaring no more death or barrenness. Katie senses there in actual gate, so she asks someone walking by and they confirm in the woods there is a gate. So we follow the trail and within a stones throw of the HQ we find not just one but two actual gates. One is even labeled a “portal” so we know we are in the right place. We decree fire in the gate and cleanse it of a spirit of religion with the blowing of the shofar to seal it. So begins our 15 hour day.

After cleansing the East Gate of Tennessse of the religion at the gate, we headed to our Eastern most part of the state to ask for the glory of God to be our story in this state. The drive was breathtaking. We wound through the mountains with trees on both sides, a river with kayakers and whitewater rafters enjoying the day. Mountains around us and in front of us for miles, it was amazing. Eastern Tennessee is gorgeous.

After about an hour drive we arrive in Murphy County at Field of the Woods, a Bible themed park. This park is home to Prayer Mountain where the Mr. Spurling, the man who broke away from the Baptist church due to the doctrines of men and went in pursuit of another reformation. He desired a NT church that focused on love and unity. He did not see the need for hierarchy when God could give us love and unity. All of this is documented on monuments at Field of the Woods.

We enter the Field of the Woods gate and to our left is the worlds largest 10 Commandments on Burger mountain to our right and to our left is prayer mountain. It is a site to behold. The church of of God, which is now 5 divisions of the church or God, built this location destination, for this is where Mr. Spurling went to pray, and God spoke to him and said on Prayer Mountain, establish a New Testament church, and with 8 people that is what he did. That church is now the Church of God in Cleveland, TN.

We drove up the mountain on the right side and at the very top is a cluster of flags to nations who have received the gospel of salvation. While up there I began to pray and blow the shofar, making a salvation declaration to the nations and the gospel of the kingdom being preached in every nation. It was a powerful day.

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