Faith Injection

Since living in Nashville, I have learned so many things. Every location has its own culture, style and attitude. It is so fun learning about places. Nashville and the surrounding cities are no different. One thing I have learned is that people here get B12 shots. It costs $50 and you can get a B12 shot, it boosts your immune system and begins working immediately. I have never gotten a B12 shot, but last night I got a shot of faith that began working immediately. When you seek first the kingdom of God, literally all “these” things are added unto you. I was added unto last night.

A neighbor came over for Taco Tuesday and as we were sitting around the table talking, Autumn looked at me and said, you will want to stop the conversation you are in and listen to this. Oh was she right. What I heard last night, gave me such a shot of faith, I felt like rocket fuel was injected into my spirit man. When you walk by faith, you know God said to do it, but when you hear the evidence of that walk from someone who has no idea what you have done or what you are saying, it is a shot of faith like no other. I had one of those moments last night.

Nine years of prophetic adventures in another state yielded many of the puzzle pieces coming together in one conversation. It’s not conspiracy, we are not crazy, it was obedience and God knew what He was asking us to do and it was not for fun it was for the days we are living in right now. Walking by faith can be challenging because what you are doing is by faith, it is not by sight, you can’t show the evidence immediately but it will manifest eventually. When it manifests it brings such joy. Wow, I am still buzzing even this morning.

Let me end by saying this, yesterday morning the Lord spoke to me and said, “Do you know why the manna stopped when they ate the first Passover in the promised land? (Joshua 5). I said, No, Lord, I do not. The Lord said, “Because now the giants are going to be their bread!” (Numbers 14). I shouted. Friends giants are about to be bread for us, so do not fear the manna stopping, a new meal is already been prepared for us.

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