The Floodgates Are About To Open

The church is about to experience a mass exodus, not out of Egypt but out of Babylon. It is not going to be a billion soul harvest of unbelievers, but of believers who have been locked into a Babylonian Christianity. I see so clearly, the Lord Jesus Christ leading the billion soul harvest of men and women out of Babylonian Christianity. It is going to be a mass exodus of the likes we have never seen before. Your title in Babylon will not matter, for many “titled” people are hearing the call to come out of her my people and they will not miss the opportunity to leave.

Babylon is a place of mixture, mingling, confusion and division of language. People are exhausted by this Babylonian Christianity, they have known the task master, and no matter what they do, say or pray, nothing seems to change. Babylonian Christianity has wearied the saints, lulled them to sleep, and has burned them out. The doors to Babylonian Christianity are going to open and a billion souls are going to come out. We have heard 2 Chronicles 7:14, if My people who are called by my name…but the Lord said, that is not the verse for now, the verse for now is come out of her my people. Come out, the doors, the gates, the windows are going to open and you are going to be lead out of her My people, by the Lord Himself, just like God used Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, God is using Jesus Christ to lead His people out of Babylonian Christianity.

We have seen a trickling of this, but we are about to see the floodgates open and the people are going to come out by the millions. Babylonian Christianity is over, it is about to fall once and for all and the people of God are about to enter the kingdom of God in a massive way. This is not an exodus from Egypt, this is an exodus from Babylonian Christianity. Those who came out ahead of time will train and equip those coming out in this mass exodus, to do the work of the ministry of the kingdom. A whole new world is about to unfold as the billion soul harvest comes out of Babylonian Chistianity into the kingdom of God of the likes we have never seen before.

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