Cruising Altitude

I was outside praying and I sensed a measure of warfare in the atmosphere that felt thick. I could not put a name on it, it was just thick. Then without notice I heard a jet engine above my head and the Lord said, “I have the authority and power to penetrate the warfare in the atmosphere.” I immediately entered into the authority of the Lord as He penetrated the thick warfare in the atmosphere and the sense of lightness was palatable almost instantaneously.

As I was looking up to the sound of the jet engine, I was watching the airplane ascend into the atmosphere at a 45 – 50 degree angle. The Lord then again spoke and said, “The higher up you go the less detail you see on earth.” I knew the simplicity of the statement was packed with profound revelation, for often times we can feel like we are staring at a blank canvas, not sure where we are going or what we are doing, and the Lord made it clear, that means you are at a cruising altitude, far from where you once were, but not yet arrived at where you are going.

The closer we get to our next destination, the more clear it will become for us. The sites and sounds will increase, the details will come into view, and the anticipation of the new location will fill our hearts with joy. But until then, if you can’t see anything or aren’t hearing anything, its okay, you are at a cruising altitude, headed to your next destination. The Lord is in control, all you have to do is obey the instructions from the captain of hosts and enjoy the quiet that comes from being at a cruising altitude.

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